Dates 2017
Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th June 2017, 8pm (open doors 7:45pm)

Andi Otto and Victoria Hauke in cooperation with ensemble resonanz

An instrument which can only be played by falling onto it.This is the basic idea of the current project of sounddesigner/composer Andi Otto and choreographer/dancer Victoria Hauke. For off-beat they develope a  multi-sensorial sound space, which is set of into sounding by the effect gravity has on the dancers body. Afterwards talk with the artists.

In the series „off beat- hearing experiments to prick up ones ears“ by ensemble resonanz

Studio Lämmersieth, Lämmersieth 21, 22305 Hamburg

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24th -s 30th July 2017, Munich

Guest artist with: STANDPUNKT.e – “welcome to my world”

A series inititated by Tanztendenz München e.V.:

Dates 2016

Oct/Nov artist in residence, Seoul Dance Center, Seoul  Südkorea

Juli TreffenTotal2016, Hamburg, K3 Zentrum für Choreographie

Januar – April 2016, `LET IT HUM / EIN HAUSERWÄRMENDES RITUAL in collaboration with Andi Otto, Hamburg/Lämmersieth

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Available for touring

Visions of Ian Watermann/Part I

OrganicFiction (55 min), Premiere May 2104

Duo, 2 dancers, 1 musician, 1- 2 technicians
Stage, pool flexibel

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Visions of Ian Watermann/Part II

Fasziales a-Synchronschwimmen (30 min), Premiere May 2104

8 dancers, 1 musician, 1 technician (depending on the location)
Location flexibel: swimming pool or outdoor water space like a lake, canal etc.

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...and then I wake up

premiere 14th of December 2011, 65 minutes

3 performers, 2 technicians
stage: minimum 10 m wide x 8 m deep

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meeting with you and me

premiere 24th of September 2011

2 performers, 3-4 musicians , 1 technician
stage: 10 m wide x 8 m deep

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13 fluid acts of deviation (new version 2013)

premiere, April 2013

2 performers, 1 technician
Stage: flexible size

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