Termine 2021
PREMIERE on 25 September 2021 I 8 pm
26 & 28 - 30 September 2021 "LǡrLår / wir sind" I 8 p.m. 
Hamburg, Studio Lämmersieth
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08 and 09 October 2021 "LǡrLår / wir sind" I 7 pm
Kirsten Kjæers Museum, Frøstrup, DK
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Supported by Hamburg, Ministry of Culture and Media


LǡrLår | wir sind - A dance piece about the wisdom and the right of the body.

LǡrLår, a phantasy word, with Old English/Scandinavian origins, could be understood as "knowledge of the thigh".  LǡrLår thus stands for "wisdom of the body". But it also sounds like the English "law" for "right" or like a relaxed "singing to oneself"....
Victoria Hauke's work draws on the sensory perception of body and emotions: How does the body, the cells, the flow in the body, respond to the (life) situation that surrounds it? With regard to the situation around SarsCov2, which has lasted for a good 18 months, we all feel very clearly what surrounds the body.

Together with Robin Rohrmann (dance and voice) and Andi Otto (composition), Victoria Hauke asks in the dance piece LǡrLår about the emotions and their bodily responses that are spreading in their own bodies for a year and a half. What about these in relation to the right and dignity of the body?

The two dancers perform in and with a sound installation by the Hamburg composer Andi Otto. The impulses of the moving bodies on the wooden floor of the electronically prepared stage are transformed into composed sounds - like a seismographic articulation of bodily energy and emotion. The two performer communicate through their breath, risking courage and anger, testing boundaries and they confront the ever-present feeling of impermanence. They celebrate their liveness and sing about how life becomes more beautiful when you accept dying.

Can we claim that the right of the body is how it communicates with the world and with the person close? Or: what would be if the vitality of the bodys cells vibrated in sound?
The two performers build a bridge between the intimate perception of their own body and the "outside". They offer an invitation to encounter in a sensory way, the multi-layered dimensions of our current social situation. Dimensions, which are not necessarily obvious or verbally formulated.

Choreography: Victoria Hauke, Tanz
Dance, Voice:: Robin Rohrmann, Victoria Hauke
Composition: Andi Otto
Dramaturgical assistance: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr, Leo Hofman, Robin Rohrmann
Costume design: Claudia Valorzi
Lighting: Henning Eggers
Public relations: Stückliesel
Production assistance: Isabelle Rohlfs, Veit Kenner
Photography: Anja Beutler, Florian Schmuck
Video: Florian Schmuck
Graphics: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

With the support of: Hamburg Ministry for Culture and Media


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